Who we are and what we do…

Meridian Food Services Incorporated is a certified small, woman owned wholesale and custom food company distributing to medium sized restaurant chains, school feeders and manufacturers throughout the nation as well as the State of California Prisons and Institutions. We are not tied to only one supplier in each category for our products so we are able to survey, compare and analyze the market for the best manufacturer or custom manufacturer for your particular, special needs.

To separate your own product from the pack or to improve your operation performance, off the shelf ingredients may not be the best buy for your company. We can build you what you want and our products provide predictable performance with specific formulations designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. We are food safety experts and we offer custom safety materials on our products for training your staff. We are committed to providing excellent customer service. This combination of superior product performance, outstanding customer service and overall food product, purchasing and safety expertise ensure Meridian Food Services will deliver the best possible supply experience.

Why do our customers stay with us so long?


Medium sized chains, either franchised or fully owned often have executives who must multi-task and handle many executive functions simultaneously. As the number of stores increase, the need for more specialized purchasing expertise increases as the opportunities open up to buy products at leveraged pricing. Meridian Food Services is expert in eggs, cheeses, produce and custom made food products in many food categories for the small and medium sized chains. We know how and where to leverage your numbers for best purchasing and shipping practices. We work hard for our clients often outside of what is expected, and gradually earn being a part of their team.

Ongoing Product Oversight

We work just as closely with our manufacturers to continuously improve methods and keep communication flowing purposefully. We "Can Do" and have fun and are passionate about our role in your success. We provide options that make your job easier and more productive. We make doing business with us pleasant and happy, not to mention profitable.

Being creative produces opportunities. 
Being sensible means finding good economic value.