Why should you buy with us?

Improve Your Gross Profit

With our experienced wholesale buyers specializing in eggs, cheeses and produce we find our clients the right product at the right price chosen from many sources and put our arms around the process for you. Individualized "from manufacturer or grower to your distributor" programs to leverage your purchasing strengths are what the company has specialized in since 1996. We develop it for you if it doesn't exist at no cost to you!

Enhance Your Purchasing Resources

We become like an extension of your purchasing department and actually save you money rather than cost money. Looking for something unique? We can either find it or build it for you. The product development is free to you. We are determined, organized, and reliable and we plan ahead for our customers. We do what we promise and we make it right. We work hard to become a part of our customers' teams. We treat your company carefully as if it were our own.

Safety Savvy

We make sure you know how to handle our products safely and provide customized training materials to help protect your business and your customers with your safety training programs. Do you have a crisis management plan? Can we help you with a mock recall? Well documented food safety programs can lower your liability insurance.


We aspire to follow the Golden Rule. We are reliable and provide rock solid guarantees for our products. We unhesitatingly solve to your complete satisfaction any and all problems that might occur in our business relationships. We get the job done day in and day out. We can provide customer references for you to verify their experiences with us.


We commit to rock solid guarantees for our products.

We know that our success depends on our customers' successes so our job is to make our customers more efficient, create a dependable partnership with them and assist them to become more profitable through the various expertises we have to offer. Our goal is for you to recommend us to your associates in the industry.