We have finished another rather complex project together. I have lost count of the years and the number of problems you have solved for clients of mine but it is safe to say the years and the successful solutions are many.

It is doubtful that I have ever thanked you formally or detailed the aspects of your service that I have found most valuable so I am doing that now. There are three challenges you have always met. The first is the match of the right product for right application. Solving this mystery for end-users has saved them time, frustration and money. Second, the depth of your industry knowledge and vendor network has produced, in my experience, the best pricing possible.

The third aspect of your service is the most remarkable, its customer service. As a rule, "customer service" tends to be over promised and under delivered. That's why I find your ability to deliver quick and well thought out solutions so remarkable and you do it with the most gracious approach.

It has been true in the past and it will be true in the future, your customers have/will become longtime associates and beneficiaries of your contribution to their COGS. My clients have repeatedly validated this fact. Your tenacious efforts and level of service that is so seldom found.

Janet Peterson
Foodservice Procurement Consultant
Shakey's, Denny's, Souplantation, Mimi's, Revolution Foods, Farmer Boys', Carlos O'Brien,